Are you thinking about moving to Florida with horses? If so, then you’ll be delighted to learn that there are a wide variety of wonderful acreage property options worth exploring. These homes provide plenty of space for your and your family with more than enough room for horses to roam.

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If you are exploring horse acreage for sale just outside of Sarasota, Florida, then Panther Ridge could be the perfect opportunity for you. This exclusive equine community has many subdivisions with different acreages to consider including: The Preserve, Grand Oaks, Highlands, Bridle Creek, The Trails, The Ranches, The Forest, The Pointe, and Foxwood.

Each subdivision provides a tranquil location that could be a wonderful fit for horse lovers and horse owners. As well as promising a peaceful lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of nearby cities or towns, a beautiful home here will allow you to enjoy the gorgeous scenery and return to nature with your own slice of real estate of heaven.

Living in Panther Ridge can be a dream come true for anyone who adores the outdoors. In this article, you can learn more about the different communities and the wonderful benefits they provide new homeowners.

The Forest

The Forest provides homeowners with the opportunity to live a life of luxury in a serene location. Ancient forests and gorgeous green pastures provide a beautiful backdrop for your new home here, ensuring a stress-free living environment. The pristine surroundings have never been touched, farmed, or previously developed. As such, the location provides a rare and unique opportunity for new homeowners.

Homes here are available in a wide range of acreages depending on your requirements starting at five and spreading over twenty acres. There are also different estates that provide various aesthetic and design choices. Consider a home in an ‘old Florida’ southern living designed estate or a more contemporary Florida property.

Despite being hidden away from the urban world, this luxury location is still just minutes from Lakewood Ranch and a short drive from stunning beaches in Sarasota as well as Bradenton.

For equestrian enthusiasts, the development offers homes with a barn, paddocks as well as miles of riding trails to explore and uncover for yourself. A warm and welcoming community will ensure that you feel right at home with fellow horse lovers if you choose to build a life in this heavenly destination.

The Pointe

Another equine residential neighborhood worth considering if you are moving to this East Manatee community is The Point. This is filled with Florida Equestrian property opportunities that provide plenty of space and luxurious homes that are designed to meet all needs.

The Pointe is a perfect retreat that’s close enough to local shops and restaurants that you can dart out at the weekend or in the evening. It’s near a mall that provides wonderful dining opportunities and a Walgreens to pick up all your goods. The location is also an easy commute for local schools, offices, and countless shopping malls.

The Pointe provides 5-10 acres per lot so you and your family will have plenty of space to roam on your own lands. Many of the homes come with private pools as well as a variety of other features that will add to your lifestyle. Some members set up private play sets for their children to use. These are kept discreet, hidden behind the home, but you are sure to hear the joyful laughs of children on summer days. Almost all properties also provide gorgeous aesthetic features including private ponds.

There are communal areas to discover around The Pointe too. This includes a picnic area located to the left of the entry point of this community. This is popular through the spring and summer with families coming out to enjoy lunches and snacks together. The picnic area and similar spots provide a wonderful location to watch the local wildlife while enjoying the company of your friends and fellow residents.

The Pointe is also home to its own wonderful selection of horse trails. This is another great way to catch glimpses of the local wildlife while you ride your horses around the location.

Horse riding along these trails provides a wonderful, social, fun activity that is perfect for the whole family. Like The Forest, you’ll find there are plenty of horse lovers to share this experience with who will gladly show you the best trails around this gem of a location.


Or, you may want to consider a property in the premiere equestrian community of Foxwood. Foxwood attracts residents of all ages. As well as looking for wonderful green pastures to roam with their horses, the homes also attract retired individuals and couples searching for more gentle, relaxing places to call their own.

The friendly community has lots between 5 and more than 15 acres with a location that provides the ambiance of “old Florida” that you may long for. The Foxwood community is concealed by tall, pine forests that make it feel like a wonderful best-kept secret just outside of Sarasota. Relax in deep, live oak hammocks dotted around this location while you enjoy the local wildlife. Creatures that you are likely to see out on the horse trails and around the rolling green hills include quail, rabbits, deer, tortoises and so much more.

Foxwood provides both equestrian trails as well as hiking trails. So, whether you love taking your horse on long rides or you simply want to enjoy a stroll after work, Foxwood delivers.

This location is also home to horse-loving families. The communal areas include a children’s playground, basketball court, and sports field.

While Panther Ridge is perfectly positioned for residents to explore a wide range of entertainment venues in their free time, Foxwood has everything you need if you want a quiet weekend closer to home.

As you will soon discover for yourself, Panther Ride provides a wonderful opportunity for people moving to Sarasota Florida with horses in tow, who are seeking out a luxury living location. With massive acreages, gorgeous properties, and a great selection of amenities as well as communal areas, this truly is an equestrian dream.

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