Step into a realm of magic as the 20th Annual Lights in Bloom® at Selby Gardens – Marie Selby Botanical Gardens lights up the night sky. From now until January 3, immerse yourself in a wonderland of Holiday Lights, accompanied by the delightful aroma of food trucks and an atmosphere of festive joy.

A Twinkling Spectacle: For two decades, Selby Gardens has been weaving enchantment with Lights in Bloom®, and this year’s celebration is nothing short of spectacular. The display is made up of 2 million individual lights across the botanical gardens’ downtown Sarasota campus. The botanical haven transforms into a breathtaking symphony of lights, where each bulb tells a story of 20 years of holiday magic.

  • Twilight Wonderland: As the sun sets, the Gardens come alive with a mesmerizing array of lights, turning pathways into illuminated trails of wonder. It’s a celebration that encapsulates the spirit of the season and two decades of shared joy.
  • Culinary Delights: Amidst the brilliance, savor the flavors of the season with bites from food trucks strategically placed around the Gardens. Enjoy festive treats that complement the enchanting surroundings.

Lights in Bloom® at Selby Gardens isn’t merely an event; it’s an invitation to experience the magic of Sarasota living. As a realtor specializing in luxury properties in the Sarasota area, including Selby Gardens, Jenn Flanders can help you make this vibrant community your home.

Celebrate the 20th Annual Lights in Bloom® at Selby Gardens and let the holiday lights guide you through two decades of enchantment. With Jenn Flanders as your guide, the dream of Sarasota living is not just a dream—it’s a jubilant reality. Here’s to twenty years of brilliance, luxury living, and the promise of calling Sarasota home.

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